IVS - The Portal long Lense Kit

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IVS Product no.: 150222
EAN: 852849003021

The PortalTM is truly a unique, attractive addition to any aquarium. Discover a fascinating new world that you've never seen before - purchase yours today!

Special developed, high-quality prescription lenses magnify and expand the possibilities of enjoying your aquarium.

Securely attaches to your tank magnetically. Instantly moves anywhere on tank wall

Made of sturdy, long-lasting and fish-safe materials

The PortalTM allows you to enjoy the details of your fish, corals, and invertebrates like never before. It magnetically attaches to your aquarium, allowing you to instantly move the viewer in any direction you wish.

Made from durable, fish-safe composite material, The PortalTM is designed to stay on your aquarium. You can even see details from across the room!

What's more, The PortalTM is the most unique algae cleaner you'll ever own. The scrub pads on the interior part will clean your tank while you view it.

Diameter The PortalTM 134 mm

Lense Diameter 89 mm

Thickness inner/outer Ring 21 mm

Tank thickness up to 16 mm

Weight 450 gr

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