Gavita Pro 270e LEP 02

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GAVITA Pro 270e Light Emitting Plasma

Growing in indoor conditions without sunlight not only requires a good climate, but also a good quality light. Though one can grow successful under HPS alone, or a combination of HPS and MH, it is still not the full spectrum our sun delivers. The GAVITA Pro 270e LEP produces light with a spectrum similar to that of the sun.

It is completely solid state (no moving parts) and suitable for climate rooms (damp environments). They are suitable for central control with the Gavita Master lighting controllers. Now you can have complete lighting control at your fingertips.

Plants have evolved under sunlight over millions of years. University studies have shown that seedlings and cuttings grown under full spectrum plasma light develop much better than under HPS or CFL light and produce more lateral branches. The dry matter increases up to 30% and the plant structure is more even and better distributed compared to HPS. It brings your plant into the best conditions for generative development. Depending on your crop you can either use only the plasma light or a combination of plasma light and HPS for plants that thrive on red light for generative development.

The GAVITA Pro 270e LEP is a solid state plasma light fixture. There are no moving parts in the fully sealed housing, improving the reliability. The light source is a LUXIM STA 41.02 module which has a rated average life of 30,000 hours. The glass wide spectrum filter allows for low quantities UVB light to pass while shielding you and your crop from UVC. The high grade aluminum reflector generates an even square light pattern. The absence of heat radiation in the light allows you to hang the lamp close to your crop, or to add the light without adding extra heat radiation to your crop.

You get 3 years warranty on the fixture, 2 years warranty on the bulb!


  • No electrode wear which translates in a very long lamp life
  • Very high quality light (full spectrum) because of the molecular light emission, including UVA and UVB
  • A full continuous light
  • Very stable light spectrum
  • Long output stability (at mean stable output) over time
  • Absence of infrared radiation

THD: <10%
Output Connection: XR505
Inner box dimensions: 580 mm (length) x 288 mm (width) x 190 mm (height)
Weight: 10.5 kg, 23 lbs

Housing: Solid extruded aluminium, light weight, excellent thermal management. Finnish is marine grade, polyester powder coat with UV inhibitors. Stainless steel fasteners. Six mounting points for hanging cables or hooks.

Reflector Material: Die-cast aluminum housing, high grade aluminum reflector. High transmission ultra broadband tempered cover glas. Sealed housing suitable for damp enviroment. Wire mesh EMI shielded.

External dim: Gavita Master Controller
External dim connector: RJ14 (6P4C)

Light Source:
High CRI sumlight simulation, stand alone
PPF: 300 uMol/sec
Lifetime: 30.000 hours
Electrical specs: 100-277 V AC 50-60 Hz, 270 W, high power factor

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