INVE SelcoŽ S.presso 1 kg

INVE SelcoŽ S.presso 1 kg

159,90 EUR

7 % VAT incl.

INVE Product no.: 154013

SelcoŽ S.presso exhibits the following characteristics:
S.presso is an innovative enrichment, designed to meet the most exigent needs in terms of live feed quality enhancing. Produced with an advanced process of aquaeous suspension and emulsion, it allows the incorporation of many beneficial ingredients.
S.presso is a very flexible tool to easily enrich up to very high values, offering a unique solution to multiple enrichment strategies depending on the customers choice.
S.presso offers a complete liquid enrichment with trace-elements, micro-elements, lipids, vitamins and proteins.
S.presso is clean in use. It creates an unpolluted environment allowing a perfect rotifer and Artemia condition.
Available in 1 kg

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