Prodibio BioPond Bacter 200 ml

Prodibio BioPond Bacter 200 ml

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Is a special bacterial concentrate used for quick start-up and for maintaining ponds and pools.

Decomposing foliage, fish droppings and unconsumed food waste are the main sources of pollution in outside ponds. If the pond is also insufficiently or inadequately biologically filtered, water quality deteriorates quickly and various problems may arise, such as green pond water, filamentous algae, unpleasant odours, an accumulation of sludge and the formation of a viscous film on the pond's surface. All of these problems obviously affect fish health.

The BioPond range of aerosols spray a fine jet over an area of several metres and use nitrogen as the propellant.

Aerosol plus points:

  • The active agents are isolated from oxygen in the air when being stored and even after being used several times. The product is therefore completely effective every time it is used and there is no need to overuse it.
  • Unlike bottled products, aerosols are easier to use, allowing the solution to be easily dispersed over the entire pond surface, without having to go through cumbersome mixing and spreading processes. A one second blast treats 1m of water.
  • Finally, nitrogen is an inert and inoffensive environmentally-friendly gas.

BioPond Bacter is a special bacterial concentrate designed for pond and pool water purification.

BioPond Bacter combines a range of natural bacterial strains that are free from genetic mutation. They have been selected for their effectiveness and ability to work together to combat pond pollution.

BioPond Bacter limits the development of unwanted organisms by depriving them of nutrients, due to its purifying strains multiplying faster than any pathogens. The product's probiotic effect combats green water, bad smells, the formation of pond sludge and the appearance of fish diseases.

The inert atmosphere within the aerosol enables the BioPond Bacter bacteria to be reactivated more easily and speedily than dehydrated powder products, providing an effective treatment whenever you need it.


BioPond Bacter is highly active during the week after it is applied. The different strains that make up the product multiply at different rates meaning that their respective proportions change quickly. Weekly usage readjusts these proportions and guarantees an optimal bacterial balance.

If you need to speed up the purification process, use the product more often rather than using more of the product (for example, spray three times a week instead of using three times the volume in one go).

Recommended Dosage:

A one second blast treats 1m of water (250 US gal) per week

1 spray can treat up to 25.000 liters (6.250 US gal)

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