Ocean Nutrition Atison's Betta Starter 12 gr

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Ocean Nutrition Product no.: 152036
EAN: 098731093255

Top performance larval fish diet with high digestible energy. To be used from day 3 to the end of the first month.

Nutritionally complete feed that will help promote fast growth, optimal development and disease resistance.
High protein content, no inclusion of terrestrial animal proteins.
High HUFA and phospholipid content. High DHA/EPA ratio.
Highly attractive for the fry.
Excellent water stability, reduced sediment in the tank.
Free-flowing floating crumbles.
Contains vitamins A3, D3, E and C.
Finally, breeding Betta made easy. This food has been extensively tested and is the easy way to raise your fry. It comes in a very attractive package that contains a small food container with a handy spoon and a very extensive explanation by Mr.Atison on how to best breed and raise the Betta fish. 
Fry raised with a combination of Betta Starter for the first month and Betta PRO after that have outperformed any other feeding regimes in terms of survival rate of the fry and size of the adult Betta. 
The Bettas grow bigger but do not get fat. The Betta starter comes in a nice box containing a small bottle with 12 g of larval fish diet, a small spoon and clear instructions on how to breed Bettas using Ocean NutritionTM products.
Marine Proteins, Cereal Meals, Plant
Proteins, Fish Oils, Algae, Lecithin,
Yeasts, Antioxidants.
Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein (min) 55 %
Lipid (min) 9 %
Fiber (max) 1.9 %
Moisture (max) 8 %
Ash (max) 14.5 %
Sumw3 HUFA (min) 25 mg/g dwt
DHA/EPA (min) 1.8%
Phospholipids (min) 2.5%

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