Ocean Nutrition GSL Artemia Cysts >220.000 NPG


GSL Artemia cysts are harvested from the surface of the Great Salt Lake, Utah (US).
After processing, a quality assessment is performed: each harvest is subjected to extensive fingerprinting to categorize all important characteristics and parameters such as hatching/enrichment kinetics, decapsulation, separation, contamination, fatty acid profile, biometrics,
Based on the result of this fingerprinting, INVE grades and selects the cysts that are best suited for fish and shrimp hatcheries.

Consistant quality and certified output
Simultaneous hatching
High enrichment values

Nauplii Length:        +/- 660 m bei T 24
Nauplii width:          +/- 190 m bei T 24
Hatching efficiency: +/- 220.000 Nauplien / Gramm
Crude Protein:         54%
Crude Lipids:           11%
Crude Ash:              5%
Moisture:                8%

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