Frozen Food

Ocean Nutrition Cyclops Blister


from 1,80 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Mysis Blister


from 2,80 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Artemia Blister

Artemia Brine Shrimp

from 2,60 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Red Plankton Blister (20 cubes)

Red Plankton

from 3,10 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Krill Pacifica Blister

Krill Pacifica

from 2,70 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Micro Plankton Blister 100 gr

A balanced blend of nutritious Phyto- and Zooplankton.  

from 2,30 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Lobster Eggs Blister (20 cubes) 100 gr

Lobster Eggs

from 5,20 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Marine Mix Blister

Marine Mix

from 2,70 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Whole Krill Superba Mono Tray

Krill Superba (Euphasia superba)

from 2,90 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Rotifers Blister 100 gr

Pure rotifers (Brachionus plicatilis)

from 2,80 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Formula Two Blister 100 gr

Formula Two with gel binder

from 4,70 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Prime Reef Formula Blister 100 gr

Prime Reef with algae, Vitamin C and other immune boosters

from 4,60 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Brine Shrimp Plus Formula Blister 100 gr

Brine Shrimp Plus with plankton, natural algaes and vitamins

from 4,80 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Angel Formula Blister 100 gr

The first fish food made specifically for marine Angelfish

from 5,10 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Pygmy Angel Formula Blister 100 gr

Specially for Pygmy Angel Formula as they need a specialized diet that is different to that of larger Angels

from 4,95 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Spirulina Formula Blister 100 gr

Spirulina Formula with gel binder

from 5,80 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Artemia with Spirulina & Garlic Blister 100 gr

The first frozen fish food enriched with the unique combination of Spirulina and garlic.

from 2,90 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Fresh Frozen Copepods size 0,5-0,8 mm (sterile)

High quality, sterile and flash-frozen Copepods for use in fish hatcheries

from 28,50 EUR

Ocean Nutrition Copepods 100 gr

High quality, fresh frozen CopepodsHigh quality, fresh frozen Copepods.

from 2,70 EUR

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