About Us

Your most trusted wholesale supplier of premium products for aquariums and terrariums

Like you, we understand that aquarium and terrarium maintenance requires hard work, specialised knowledge and the right equipment. And that’s why, at Coralsands, we offer a very exclusive and unique range of top-quality wholesale products as well as technical support for specialised traders throughout Europe. 

If you’re looking for ‘the cheapest’, then we’re probably not for you. We stand behind every product and service, and have a long-lasting reputation to uphold.

What we sell

We don’t just offer products and support. We offer excellence and innovation too

In order to supply you with the absolute best in quality, a great deal of time and care goes into our product selection process. And that includes working with experienced product designers and suppliers, most of whom manufacture their products on their home turf.

As well as nurturing relationships with these long-standing, trusted suppliers – we’re always on the lookout for innovative new products. Why not see what gems we have in stock right now?

How we work

We work with knowledge, experience and competence – much like you

When it comes to aquaristic and terraristic equipment, we’re not just suppliers; we’re seasoned experts. So you can trust that our advice and technical support services come with the backing of 10 years’ experience and expertise. And the relationship with our suppliers is very much a close and collaborative partnership.

We’re always delighted to help and share knowledge with clients, so that you and your customers get the best possible user experience with our products. 

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Premium products for aquaristic and terraristic
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